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Thursday, July 21st, 2016 10:47 pm
Things had settled into a fairly comfortable routine as time has passed and the rather unusual situation had become commonplace -- if no less delightful. But, the Overlord had decided, one thing was still less than perfect. To wit: though he was of course a demon and had no problem going back to his proper form, and Dame Rarity had acclimatized herself to the magics that allowed her to take on a demon's form as well, their visits to the Netherworld, whether together or alone, never included the third member of this triumvirate.

Time for that to change. And so on a lazy morning with nothing on the schedule, the alicorn wandered out into the castle gardens, looking for Applejack. Not an unfamiliar sight, mind -- the real surprise might be that he had a purpose in doing so that wasn't just to hit on her.
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Saturday, March 1st, 2014 08:31 pm
One of the quirks of Disgaea games is the status screens, which are accessible to the protagonists fairly readily. Zetta has recently acquired his again, and is prepared to use it on the assembled!

Consequently, here is a permission post if you don't want Zetta to be able to see part or all of your character's information. This information generally includes such things as:

Title (be it serious or ludicrous, everyone has one)
Stats (HP, MP, physical and mental)

Generally, everything you could see if you looked at someone in a tactics-style game.
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Sunday, August 11th, 2013 12:17 pm
Who: The residents of Ponyville. This is a general mingle post!
Where: Ponyville and environs
When: Starts this morning, on for a week
Warnings: Truth.
Prose or Commentspam: Whatevs, dawg.

The truth shall set you freeeee )
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Wednesday, June 12th, 2013 10:24 am
Hyaaa ha ha ha! Tremble in terror, Equestria! I, the almighty Overlord Zetta, the most badass freaking Overlord in the entire cosmos, have kidnapped one of your own! Even as I speak, your most skilled fashion designer is my prisoner! Let the terror sink in as you realize that Rarity is at my mercy, subject to the full evil of the Overlord--

Zetta, do come look at these magnificent designs I've drawn up to modernize this dreadful castle.


Now now, fashion waits for nopony!

LATER! [The Overlord clears his throat.] Erm. Right, um... TREMBLE WITH FEAR, knowing that Rarity will remain my prisoner forever--



Because you kidnapped me! Remember?


You see? Here I am in his castle! Such evil he's doing to me! HE LOVES DOING EVIL! HE LOVES TORTURING ME!

That's it! You're going in the closet!

No, Zetta! Don't put her in the closet! She'll rumple the linen!

[The angry stomping of hooves precedes the sound of a door opening.]

AWW! You FOUND me!


I WAS hiding. But now I'm it and it's your turn to hide!


Hey! She can't hide in there! I already KNOW she's there!

Why not simply forget, Pinkie? Then it will be like finding her all over again.


This isn't a ga-- oh holy crap, is this thing still on?!

[The scroll audio cuts off for a minute. When it comes back on, it's a moment of furtive if audible silence, then the Overlord clears his throat again.]

If you want your precious Rarity back, you'll have to brave the depths of the Everfree Forest, battle my minion army, and then withstand the full wrath of an Overlo--

[A sharp WHAM, the noise of a door violently hitting the wall, precedes a familiar voice.]

I FOUND YOOOOOOU! He was up in the TOWER, girls!

Really, I don't know how he stands it. That tower simply cries out for curtains.

Tell them about the EVIL you're doing to me!

[The Overlord's strangled cry of agony is mercifully cut off by the scroll deactivating.]
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Tuesday, October 9th, 2012 12:32 pm
Player Info
Name: Dragon
IM Contact (Plurk/AIM preferred): AIM: Dragon of Anger; [ profile] dragonoflife
Personal Journal (optional): [personal profile] badassfreakingoverlord
Are you okay with Canon Puncturing in regards to your character? (Having your character be told they are fictional IC)? Absolutely. He does it to himself all the time.

Status Screen (Character Info)
Name: Zetta
Canon: Makai Kingdom (canon point is just after confining his soul to the Sacred Tome, plus other CR)
Title: Badass Overlord -- or The Most Badass Freaking Overlord In the Entire Cosmos, depending on character limits.
Background: To start with...

Immediately after confining his soul into the Sacred Tome, however, Zetta ended up sucked into another game entirely -- to his confusion. Zetta ended up on the Transmigration 9 game ship, stuck as a book, and trying to get both his body and his Netherworld back. Without helpful Overlords to wish up Netherworlds in the Sacred Tome, Zetta planned to do by having a minion of his deliver the final blow on the end boss, then wish the cosmos back to normal with the massive amount of mana power they'd acquire from that victory. Of course, to do that, he had to get minions.

He ended up with disciples. The first was Ruffnut, who displayed such reckless ferocity and passion in battle that Zetta immediately declared her to have the heart of a demon, and -- setting aside the fact that he'd vowed never to take a disciple after Salome, and outright ignoring the fact that Ruffnut was about as battle-competent as a sack of potatoes -- immediately took responsibility for her training. The second was Mindy, aka Hit Girl, who as Ruffnut's friend just kept showing up to trainings until she finally badgered the Overlord into accepting her as a disciple as well, despite the fact that she was supposed to be a hero.

Zetta also ended up hanging out with one teenage genius wunderkind Lash -- formerly evil, now about as evil as a Disgaea protagonist demon. They enjoyed each other's company, getting into fights with his awesome power against her awesome death rays and being shockingly sadistic to Prinnies, but it took a not-at-all-contrived deaging event to put an inexpressibly bizarre twist in their relationship. Returned to a teenage (uh, equivalent) demon body, Zetta's discrimination and taste in girls dropped to exactly as low as anyone should expect from a teenage Zetta, and he ended up shamelessly hitting on her, then asking Lash out. One robot battle victory later, he actually got what he wanted (as terms of Lash's defeat), actually managed to charm her...

Then they deaged to kids and ran around sticking googly eyes onto Lord Zedd. Then they went back to normal age, looked at each other awkwardly for a moment, then completely glossed over the awkwardness, declared it fun, and started hanging out together for several months of he/she-is-not-my-boy/girlfriend, to the irritation and disbelief of everyone. It was only after being forced into a not-at-all-contrived body-sharing situation where the only escape was to admit their feelings for each other that they were finally able to admit their feelings for each other.

Shortly after that the game abruptly ended Zetta, who had been having increasingly-frequent periods of blackout, finally lost consciousness entirely. Here, the actual plot of Makai Kingdom suddenly reappeared as Trenia found the Sacred Tome once more. But now, the emotion felt by his girlfriend and his disciples, and his behavior towards them and the others on the ship, is what convinced her that the Overlord might be worth saving after all. She returned to the Tome, and so Zetta's body returned to him.

Personality: Self-described Badass Freakin' Overlord Zetta is blustering, brash, bold, and blunt. Evil is in his job description (even if he doesn't really do too much of it). He's powerful and capable and he knows it. At his worst he's a tyrant, commanding his grovelling subjects according to his every whim, doing as he pleases, and generally being the most important thing in the multiverse.

He'd never admit it to himself, but he's not a terrible guy deep down inside. He doesn't do introspection or navel-gazing (he's not much for touchy-feely crap in general, though he's a master of the inner monologue) -- if something causes him to reconsider his choices or actions, he embraces his new course as if the old one had never existed. Whatever he does, he does whole-heartedly -- unless it's only worth a half-assed effort, of course.

Time and the experience of being a book have mellowed Zetta somewhat. He used to be defensive, both of his actions and generally against any challenge to his perceived supremacy, but a long period of powerlessness and forced association with humans and so forth have settled him down; these days, he's more likely to just laugh mockingly at someone claiming he's weak or stupid than bristle and punch them into next week. Like every Disgaea protagonist demon, he's undergone the long process of character development into, if not a kind and gentle guy, then at least an okay one.


Zetta Beam: Zetta shoots beams of light from his eyes. Powerful enough to casually annihilate a moon after a fraction of a second's contact (but it never stays destroyed).

Badass Overdrive: Zetta attacks the opponent numerous times at astonishing speed, then finishes with a punch so powerful it destroys the cosmos. (Again, it never stays destroyed.)

Confine: Zetta binds a randomly available soul to an object, thereby creating a loyal semi-intelligent minion.

Invite: Zetta summons minions, vehicles, or buildings.

Badass Overlord: Both generally, as in he's the strongest being in the cosmos with the possible exception of Baal, and specifically, in that he has an Evility of this name which allows him to use his highest stat to calculate an attack.

Inventory: The Sacred Tome; Yoshitsuna (the sword, not the ship, although he WANTS the ship...); a dozen minions, five mechs, three buildings (a warehouse, a hospital, and a factory); the Sacred Tome (for his own universe, not this one).

Notes: Level 4000 and with the mana power to back it up. Get ready for Persuade By Force!

Sample Post: A little something for everyone.
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Wednesday, August 11th, 2010 12:57 pm
Watch Lord Zetta's introduction?

Hell no